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We have worked many years with major International Trade Associations.

All of our investigators are trained and experienced in the construction and allied industries, with an awareness of industry regulations and standards, after working many years with major international trade associations. The Counterfeit product trade is a serious threat to the world economy, a growing problem inflating day by day and becoming an undeniable concern for growing economies. Almost no industry in the world is spared of this illegal activity. Markets are flooded with counterfeit products imported or locally manufactured. The side effect of such trade can’t be overlooked, as they can cause an immense loss of revenue; a greater loss would be sensed in the damage of a brand reputation or loss of customer loyalty caused by poor quality counterfeit products which consumers are fooled into believing are genuine. The most serious effect of counterfeit products is the harm which consumers may face when using low quality counterfeit products. Counterfeiting is considered as a criminal act in many countries, nevertheless, coordinated efforts between brand owners and law enforcement bodies is an essential element of conducting real enforcement action against offenders.

Our complete understanding of IPR issues and law enforcement experience allows us to conduct and assemble investigative information, combining it with our established relations with law enforcement bodies in the many countries in which we operate. The EYE P Group works in many developing countries, where others fear to tread. EYE P Consultants has over a decade of experience working in China, working closely with all major enforcement agencies and standards bodies there.

EYE P Consultants has an extensive international database of offenders and a staff dedicated to the control and management of information, making EYE P an industry leader, and an ideal partner for your IP enforcement plans. EYE P Consultants is also one of the very few companies that actually operate in Nigeria, as well as the rest of East and West Africa. Our extensive market research and database, which includes known exporters of counterfeit goods into Nigeria from China, Dubai and other countries, makes our knowledge of this region second to none. With ongoing projects in most Middle East Regions and with on the ground investigators in many Middle Eastern markets our understanding of the markets and excellent connections with all government bodies concerning IP enforcement issues is superior to most other IP companies in the region.