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Domain And Cybersquatting Enforcement Service

Domain names are essential to the identity of most businesses today, protecting and monitoring them can considerably decrease the chances of your brand being misrepresented online. When they do occur, domain infringements can have a rapid, far-reaching, negative impact, and it is important for brand owners to take swift action to resolve these domain name disputes.


Eye P services offered:

• Registrant investigation. We can research registrants to determine whether they have legitimate rights to the domain name and whether it was registered in bad faith and/or is being abused.

• Fully researched demand letters. If the registrant does not have legitimate rights in the domain name, a fully-customised cease and desist letter, as well as a follow–up, typically results in a high number of domain name transfers, cancellations, or deactivations.

• Dispute resolution procedures. We draft and file complaints for you in accordance with appropriate domain dispute resolution procedures (including UDRP, DRP, and URS for new gTLDs).