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Grey Market Surveys & Investigations

Grey market and diverted goods can sometimes be just as harmful as counterfeited goods, by decreasing the sale of genuine products and tarnishing your brand and damaging relations with a company’s sales force and manufacturers.

Manufacturing and distribution has become more globalised over the years and has seen a significant rise in the problem of grey market and diverted goods, as a result many companies are plagued with this problem at some level.

The two most familiar sources for grey market products are factories over producing goods and leaks in the distribution chain.


Taking action means that the client will need to have at hand comprehensive evidence and information. Law enforcement agencies do not always have the time or resources to conduct investigations into such crimes; Eye P has the resources and connections in 90+ countries to thoroughly investigate and provide substantial evidence for our clients. Our investigators will apply their expertise and skill to identify the perpetrators and supply chain to give the client advice on the appropriate actions to take.