Reference standard for the diagnosis and grading of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. Development of a noninvasive method of assessment for liver fibrosis is desirable, given the morbidity and potential mortality associated with liver biopsy. buy cheap viagra india Although much research has been done with regard to the potential roles of diffusion-weighted mr imaging and mr spectroscopy in the assessment of fatty liver disease, quantifying fibrosis has not been possible. However, the results of recent animal studies suggest that mr imaging with gd-eob-dtpa may have a role in this area. discount super viagra Tsuda and colleagues (49) have shown delayed peak liver enhancement and slowed washout of gd-eob-dtpa in rats with nonalcoholic steatosis (which is characterized by steatosis, lobular inflammation, and perisinusoidal fibrosis and is progressive, ultimately leading to cirrhosis), compared with rats with simple fatty liver (which is reversible). safe take viagra daily In addition, correlation has been demonstrated between the degree of fibrosis and the delay in maximum enhancement and washout (50). viagra canada online Functional assessment of the liver by using a similar rationale of quantifying liver enhancement, it may be possible in the future to assess hepatic functional reserve by quantifying hepatic signal intensity changes in the hepatobiliary phase of enhancement. buy viagra online This has potential applications in noninvasively predicting residual liver function in patients undergoing partial hepatectomy for tumor resection or to provide a living donor liver transplant graft. Likewise in the transplant graft recipient, this approach might be able to be used to diagnose early liver failure and other liver parenchymal manifestations of post-transplantation complications. viagra coupon Previous section next section conclusions in summary, hepatobiliary-specific contrast agents are an interesting group of compounds that form part of the armamentarium for mr imaging of the liver. Although experience with these agents may be limited in some centers, the agents show considerable promise for the investigation of many complex liver pathologic conditions. viagra pills picture We believe that the most appropriate use of these agents is in (a) detection of hepatic metastases; (b) differentiation of nonhepatocellular lesions from well-differentiated hepatocellular lesions; (c) diagnosis of focal nodular hyperplasia wi. buy viagra without prescription FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).