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Online Market Investigation & Enforcement

Protect your brands’ image online by proactively safeguarding your trademark using this service.

During our years offering this service to our clients we have been able to identify thousands of online sellers using the online market platforms to sell their copied products. Our database and knowledge in this field is second to none and is shared with custom departments all over the world to aid in the fight against counterfeits. Our team are highly trained, multilingual enforcement analysts who aim to speedily resolve trademark infringements.

Using this service allows our customers to identify those selling, manufacturing and exporting counterfeited products. The plan also includes removal of infringing advertisements, and detailed statistics of those involved in selling these products.


How the Online Market Place Monitoring works:

• We use our scanning program along with a highly qualified team to search 90+ online market places for products, keywords and images in various languages.

• Clients are issued with a list of online sellers who are advertising their products, this list includes how many listings each seller has, what price they are selling the goods for and where they are located. Clients then inform us if the company’s are authorised to sell their goods or not.

• Once confirmed that a listing is infringing a client’s trademark, our team remove the offending listing from the internet. Repeat offenders are banned from advertising on many of the major online market places.

• Detailed reports are issued on each company we find; these reports are a useful tool to determine if other action is needed on the ground like visiting company locations and assessing if they are manufacturing counterfeits in their factories.

* Our experience has shown that many sellers on b2b platforms are only middlemen, claiming they have factories (especially in China) when in fact they receive orders and outsource them to various, un-named and un-licensed businesses to actually produce the goods. Our global operatives have a wealth of knowledge and contacts to be able to identify, investigate and prosecute counterfeiters around the world.