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Online Market Place Monitoring

With manufactures and the huge amount of Chinese middlemen springing up all over China, offering goods direct to the end-user, the wholesalers are under pressure to match them. The middlemen have very little overheads and are hard to catch and prosecute. Denying them access to the worldwide market the web offers is the simplest way to halt this illegal trade. Some wholesalers revert to selling counterfeit goods or “mixing and matching” fakes with genuine to keep up with the huge price differential.

Although warned, in some cases the end-user is unaware that they are dealing with fakes. When the illegal products fail to work correctly, the blame normally lands squarely on the shoulders of the Trademark owner and this can lead to a lack of consumer confidence in their products.

Eye P have over 25 years experience working in this field, monitoring selling patterns, discovering the use of similar trademarks and the covert way in which counterfeiters sell, manufacture and export illegal goods globally.

As we all know; the Internet is now the number one go-to place for many wholesalers. With over 2.5 Billion customers worldwide, it’s not hard to see why. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people prefer to search for and compare products online before buying, and 55% of users would rather purchase goods online than in a store, today many contractors simply log on to wholesaler websites to both purchase and compare prices, with companies like Alibaba and Aliexpress even having their own mobile apps to make that choice even simpler.


Common threats that exist in internet trade:

• Un-authorised sales & grey market abuse

• Counterfeit sales

• MAP violations

• Copyright, trademark and IP infringements

• Domain & cybersquatting

• Paid search scams

• Product misrepresentation